Dear sailors! Lake Traunsee is ready for you!

From May 11. to May 17. the hosting Sailing Club "Sailing Culb Ebensee"  will organize the EUROSAF PIRAT European Championship.

Lake Traunsee is well known in the sailing world. Hosting the RC44 Austria Cup five times in a row, the world’s best sailors, such as Russell Coutts, Terry Hutchison, Paul Cayard and Ray Davis elected the lake as the best competitive RC44 tour stop.

More and more high class sailors are interested in having events on that lake and that’s why there was 2013 the world premiere with the GC32 Austria Cup. The GC32 Tour is coming back 2014 and also 2015.

In the morning hours the famous “Oberwind”, blowing from south, will show perfect sailing conditions for early birds. In the afternoon the wind will shift to the north, again a thermal breeze which is called “Niederwind”. That ‘s Lake Traunsee.

The date fits perfectly in the annual “Allianz Traunsee Woche”.

Due to this fact and enforced by the partnership of the sailing clubs in the cities of Gmunden, Altmünster and Traunkirchen, the base for running EUROSAF PIRAT European Championship will be realized professionally.

The well proved cooperation of the organizing authority (SCE) with PROFS as the professional organizer of the “Allianz Traunsee Woche” and as service provider for sales, sponsoring and marketing, the media part of this European Championship will be covered very well and will guarantee a maximum output to all media, both national and international.

Lake Traunsee is ready for you and the EUROSAF PIRAT European Championship!


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Wind Conditions:

With thermal breezes, lake Traunsee will provide challenging sailing conditions. Generally there are 3 wind directions.

1. From 5:00 am to 10:00 am, the south wind offers ideal conditions for early morning races at "Oberwind"

2. At approximately 11:00 am the wind direction will change to "Niederwind" by 180degrees to north and will blow constantly

3. In case of low pressure and/or rain, most of the time the general weather situation implicates wind from the west.

According to the experience of the Allianz Traunsee Week, the whole lake can be split into 3 race areas.




Race Areas:


Top sailing conditions between Gmunden and Ebensee


Race Area North

  • general wind direction on Lake Traunsee from the north
  • up to 5 Beaufort
  • north wind starts around 11:00am and stops at 6:00pm


Race Area - West

  • only at low pressure and/or rain
  • wind direction from the west
  • wind strengths vary from 2-6 Bft.
  • Very shifty!!


Race Area - South

  • with strenght up to 6 Beaufort
  • challenging sailing conditions
  • south wind starts around 5:00 am and stops 10:00 am
  • after thunderstorms sometimes strong south wind
  • race area south is also perfect for north wind conditions